Straps: Clear: Darth Revan Sith Mask quantity. LordSorgo. I drew a version of the star forge robes but mixed with Darth Revans I like both robes honestly but like others I wouldev like to see the cape on and the belt and the hood up be awesome don’t mind the mask it’s only to cover the players face and just to look cool too. That is, of course, up to you. So I can now happily confirm that I gave you permission to use the Korriban Academy Workbench mod. Salk 250 Salk 250 Jedi Master; Members; 250 984 posts; Trophies and Medals. I really don't see why not including three of my mods means you can't release the compilation at all. However, you appear to have only ever asked for permission for this one mod, and not for any of my other mods. If you really are denying permission for the other modifications I included I will not release anything to the public because I believe in providing the best quality modification possible to the community and that won't be possible anymore. No Mods. I'll immediately start procedure to remove the page and the list. I respect the wishes of the original authors. Star Wars The Black Series Darth Revan. But they chose to explain why they were telling @Salk to stop. alot of people are saying that it would’ve been better if the hood and mask were included. There. Why would they talk so much about a character that was already dead. You are more than welcome to use the one mod you have permission for, and to release a smaller compilation. or as part of a torrent, except with the expressed permission of the author. Responsibility disclaimer and privacy policy | Site Map, McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2013, by Charles Brown MacDonald, Center of Military History, Center of Military History, United States Army, 1993. it would look like the old revan. I could not guarantee compatibility with the removed modifications because they were integrated inside SW: KotOR Upgrade and there were edits made and it would simply have not worked. i’m pissed they gave me star forge robes when i was darkside, weird is was kinda neutral but it’s still bullshit,. I can personally still enjoy what I made of course but I am sad nobody else will ever do. The truth is the Sith are the ones who are arrogant. I am left wondering what kind of harm could I ever have caused to anyone by making something available to the community which I believed had value, by properly crediting every and each author, by going as far as including the original modification Read Me when available. Sometimes you just got to roll the dice. I have been asked for permission to use my material sometimes both in public and in private, I contributed (being also credited) to the K1 Community Project and I am still doing it. IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to the design of the Revan mask, the hole for the visor goes very far on both sides, making it fragile at those 2 points on the sides. ask me first. Can you find Darth Revan’s mask? I am sorry to have disappointed you but I can honestly guarantee you that I was/am about to contact every author that gave me permission in the past for confirmation of old permissions and new permission for new material. It’s a dream come true to be making these videos for you. I, like every other modder, was not profiting from this in any way and was trying to offer a single modification for the users to install to get the best of all worlds (at least in my opinion). When I made the robes in the star forge it gave me star forge robes, which were totally useless because I was neutral. So... all I am trying to say is I don't understand what harm I was going to do with this project. He was the shaper of history, an individual defined by his actions rather than his thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.” Before the rebooting of the Star Wars canon with The Force Awakens, one of. Perhaps someone can be so kind to explain it to me. if bioware wants money they can sell Nihilus Mask / Revan Armor set directly, i’m not paying 6000 Cartel Coins for a hypercrate that doesn’t even guarantee a good drop. @narutofan4545 If your asking if this mod works with the flowing cape mod,I already tried it and it don’t, Revan gets all blury or something. Well considering the canon he had several Lightsabers and they were all different colours, but he never had dual wield. Ok, I understand that people wants to make money on rare, but Damn IT! Il va devenir, une seconde fois, un héro. I made a mistake but I am no thief. By Star Wars. Check them out, if you’re interested enough. The other three mods of mine you mention there also make an explicit requirement for permission to be asked before you can upload them or publish a mod deriving from them. Your three mods are very nice but by all means they are not truly "necessary" but after you DarthParametric joined in denying permission for his own modifications and he has authored really many that were part of SW: KotOR Upgrade because he is a great and talented modder. You can use these item codes with the giveitem [Item Code] cheat code to spawn items in KOTOR. how to get revans mask and outfit in kotor Sept 2, 2007 12:53:39 GMT -5 . This is non-negotiable, so don't bother PMing me about it. 2.6 out of 5 stars 5. So, I agree with you in spirit. I WARN YOU THAT THERE IS A SPOILER ALERT SO IF YOU DON’T READ THIS BEFORE YOU HIT PLAY WELL NOT MY PROBLEM!!. Absolutely. And this. Kotor Revan Mask Mod. Edited May 30, 2006 by aerowars617. These have to be mods, right? You can create up to three robes from the different consoles, but only two other Jedi can wear them Juhani (Star Forge Robes) & Bastila (Darth Revan’s Robes)..Stats: Star Forge Robes (All+2, Wis+5), Darth Revan’s Robes (Strength+4, Regen+1). *restricted to dark side* Oh please, you can see on Wookipedia a picture/drawing of Revan defeating Malak with both robes and mask –, @southparkfanatic333 you get “Star Forge Robes” which are basically the same thing but tan and brown instead of black and red. i wasted 3 hours looking for a contraband slot machine and only now after rewatching this video i understand the BS that cartel market certificates are… F2P = Bioware saying go fuck yourself… fml, First time i ever got to the star forge my game crashed and all my save files got corrupted so i never found this lmao, Yah my game glitched yesterday I died so I started from my last save and when I went to look for the Marka ragnos gauntlets in my inventory I wasn’t wearing it so I had to start over, Two things 1 thanks I was wondering how to find it and 2 hey you’re the guy who tweeted out to vote for KOTOR 2 on the Xbox one. just the robes,with the cape and the hood on. Maybe some of them will let you off the hook. 6/26/2019 0 Comments Sith Acolyte Mask Helmets Star Wars the Old Republic Revan Props. I bet you could find it if you searched google. I was wondering if a modeller/texture artist could help me (a lot) implementing an idea of mine. If you think that's wrong then you need to discuss that with folks. KGhunter: 06.21.2012 , 08:49 PM | #8: Quote. !Revan is my most favorite starwars character ever and this holy music makes it wayyyy better because you touching one of the most powerful sith artifacts ever and the games knows it. Bastila had the mask the whole time and was scared to give it to him for fear it would turn him evil but she gives it to the protagonist in knights of the old republic two who gives it to Revan on Dromound kaas, and when he puts it on he go bad *** mode. Please be sure to follow me on social media to keep up to date on projects and sneak peeks at videos..Twitch: the discord: Cole 4 point 0.Snapchat: @cole4pointoh.instgram:@cole4_point_0.MySpace: Remedy: thanks to all of you for subscribing to me and liking my videos. I think, at the least, you should remove my mods from the collection in this mod, and any other you've assumed you had permission for under a similar premise. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here, I must deactivate the turrets to pass through in the computer room I can also create long-awaited ‘Darth Revan’s Robes’ (Dark Side only) here..Since Bastila can wear the robes I make two sets. You start the mission by talking to some dude on the wall and go to the revanite camp and I choose all darkside answers I don’t know if you have to do that though. Why would you want to use the double-bladed lightsaber? Not to mention I was surely going to keep the content updated in case the original author would come out with a new version. Maybe you thought it more likely to succeed if you asked for forgiveness rather than permission. Canon. The way I did, when I killed Count Dooku? KOTOR I and KOTOR II Item Codes Find below a searchable table of all item IDs for both editions of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2) on PC and Mac (Steam). Upload or insert images from URL. love this damn game. Yes, it does. I accept that you hadn't read this thread before PMing me. This game was just one massive Chekhov’s Gun. Maybe that part was crossed wires. And it’s our Leia-sized Scoundrel. Remember there is always a reason to smile..BYE GUYS!!!! I am sorry to have disappointed you but I can honestly guarantee you that I was/am about to contact every author that gave me permission in the past for confirmation of old permissions and new permission for new material. Agreed. I was like ” Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!…”. Your intention to credit is of course welcome and salutary, but you gave the impression you were presuming permission when you didn't have it. I love this game and I’ve never had full dark side since the OG Xbox when looking up information their was none and now I’ve learned where they are on my playthrough’s on 360 and One I do every year and they are never full dark side… Usually and I never knew that was Revans robes since if you aren’t fully dark they technically are not. Someone used a mod for KOTOR. I gave the robes to Juhani. The traditions of modding communities in this regard are farcical. But then it’s thrown all together, and it makes perfect sense. It would be fantastic if they reversed the decision and allowed you to use them to contribute to the collection unlock again, tho the crystals may still unlock in your collection tab they did when they originally changed that aspect of the vendors since i was able to unlock all the red/black crystals like that. You all are amazing. A wrong assumption, I realize, but on the other hand, why would someone say "All right" to one and "No" to another? Those SATELE stuff and gold items I got from that dvl hypercrate all sold for 90 Mil and im now filthy rich I spent on vented saber and now my new system of money making is paying for ref link uses and buying and selling hypercrates. oh and did you hear that kotor 3 was in production befor it was cancelled and replaced with this. By using this site, you agree to our Guidelines. I see there's no chance for this to go any further. That mod has two versions of the robes, revans_robe is the masked version, g_a_mstrrobes06 is the non-masked version. I’m impressed you didn’t get spoiled, I personally got spoiled my cousin, but then again I wouldn’t have played KOTOR in the first place years afterwards without him. Kotor Revan Mask Korriban PS4 Back Button; Knights of the Old Republic 1 how to get revans mask and outfit in kotor. Hello! This is the single best instance of Star Wars media trying to replicate the “I am your father” twist. i want ot make a consular but im not sure how to go about doing it without screwing it up. SKU: Darth Revan Mask Category: Masks. Quote. cam u wear nihilus mask??? The only thing i think is disappointing about these items is they no longer unlock the item in the collections which i believe they still should since it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to get the certificates any longer since you have to wait till a sale like now OR get REALLY lucky with the contraband slot machines and win there. The Jedi robes the star forge creates have nothing to do with Revan. Darth Revan is by far my all time favorite sith lord in Star Wars. So glad you got to experience the best Star Wars game ever made. After Barret gives up, head over to Cait Sith and talk to him, then leave the room. I also put the Revan Revelation sequence at the beginning of the videos to maybe give you a better idea. The mask was discovered by the Sith Lord Darth Revan between 3960–3959 BBY when he pillaged the tomb of Tulak Hord on the planet Korriban. I have never seen it in the XBOX version and I have beaten it 3 times now. This way when you walk around in cities the reactions of people would be interesting to see as they witness Darth Revan’s return. Kotor Revan Mask Korriban. Im not going to spoil the whole thing, but once you go to the planet with the star forge, don’t side with her, you will know what i mean. Most of the Etsy masks are extremely expensive for what could be considered shoddy craftsmanship, which makes it a damn shame that this mask was warped like the bowleg of a dwarf. You can post now and register later. I like him more than Darth Vader to be honest. 1:42THIS MUSIC THO! This mod adds Darth Revan's robes from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to Kenshi! If you’re using the mod i think you are, then use giveitem revans_robe. It was one of the most emotional moments in gaming for me, even to this day. I hope this game is completely disregarded within the Star Wars universe and KotOR 3 comes and abides for the disgrace SWTOR has brought. the reason why you cant get darth Revan mask is because Bastila Shan have the mask and she gave it to Revan in book Star Wars the old republic Revan and with the mask he got back his memories and remembered that he was controlet by sith emperor Vitiate like mandalore was. We’re talking a dozen people, pizza ordered, everyone crowded around the TV to watch him play (one Planet per night) And it was “show of hands, what option do we want?” And yes, we picked a light sided female for the first run. All Right Reserved. no mask =)). Star Wars KOTOR Darth Revan REVEAL REACTION! ik this is 2018 but…I want a remake of this game, one where your in first person and you get to attack and stuff, not click XD. You can get a “Sith” mask however. idk about yall. Everyone has been properly credited for each modification. Add to cart. And the ones I did give permission for was nearly three years ago for a project I thought was long dead. Or spend 100K+ on a slot machine for 30-45 minutes hm sounds like bioware is hungry for the money. 5 étoiles sur 5 (85) 85 avis. @gengrievous06 Well, he used “Force Speed”. I admit I have thought it was more of a formality than anything else but I have learned the hard way that I should have kept that list private and asked each contributor first. I realise you hadn't uploaded anything of the mod yet, but you have announced you were releasing a mod-pack including work you didn't have permission for. Any former permissions from me, real or imagined, are hereby withdrawn. At the Jedi Temple, lies your only option for a path to being a Jedi Knight. Don’t mean to nitpick, just thought it was worth mentioning. It’s a dream come true to be making these videos for you. When I play even with a double blade, the highest is three when you use flurry. ’cause I know there is one in 2 I did it every time I played but the 1st two times, For how important the mask was to Revan in the books I could never understand why the devs never added it or even the hood up, am i the only one who laughed at turned Darth malek into a twilek dancer and then going back to tell everyone how i valiantly defeated him with my guy characters? I still think it is healthy to point out that closed permissions should not be the default mindset of mod authors, and there isn't any good reason why it has become so. Defeat the Elite Shock Troopers, follow the linear path ahead and go through some doors to reach the room where you first faced some Monodrives. Si nous étions des gouvernants, nous ferions la même chose. Keep in mind. Cool comics, though. Up for sale a full set of Revan armor includes all armor pieces chest plate ,lower ab plate, 2 wrist bracers and 2 hand guards and Revan mask as well as the big ring in front and the belt that holds it .Only thing not included are the soft parts / clothing. Have a great 2021 and thanks for the work you are doing for this community. De la boutique WearPlay. I liked both of his masks. If anyone is interested in this, I'd really appreciate the support. Description Additional information Description. So right from the beginning, I knew Revan would make an appearance. I'm rather disappointed that you appear to have taken advantage of my good will like this. Is the robe-creating based on alignment or Rakata Prime choice? KOTOR belongs to Lucas Arts and Bioware. And that, is nowhere near easy as you make it out to be. cheat used): KSE. Still one of the biggest reveals in gaming history and a big part of why I love Revan’s story so much. Display as a link instead, × Quantity-+ €2.98 €3.83. What most people like about this is that it allows you to define your character’s legacy. Posted December 22, 2020. If successful, this will become part of the upcoming SW: KotOR Upgrade 2.0 modification, scheduled to be released in 2021. I was wondering if a modeller/texture artist could help me (a lot) implementing an idea of mine. Apologies for not replying sooner, but real life (as it tends to) has kept me tied up for the last few days, unfortunately. You do know those slot machines drop certificates aswell right? In celebration of KotOR 's 15th anniversary, Electronic Arts added the Jedi Knight variant of Revan to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes as a playable character on October 18, 2018. I just never saw HOW they were bringing him back. You all are amazing. Hey i got star wars knights of the old republic on steam and love it. I played Kotor 1 and I know that you play as a former Sith Lord by the name of Revan ( which you forgot all about until later into the game ) and you then take out your former apprentice, Malak or w/e, then you beat the game. That's an outright falsehood, whatever terms you want to wrap it in. anyone got some advice? 5 étoiles sur 5 (97) 97 avis. Screw those cartel reputations. Hope you enjoy Kotor 2 and the superb writing it has in store. slt quelqun c comment avoir le masque de revan et si on peut mettre la capuche - Topic MAsque de revan du 15-01-2004 18:30:22 sur les forums de On level 2 it adds +1 attack per round, on level 3 +2 attacks per round. It was a gift to the community and an homage to all of you. Revan est un personnage fictif de l'univers Légendes de Star Wars, apparaissant pour la première fois dans le jeu vidéo Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic de BioWare. The game promised a wide spectrum of choice regarding aligning with the Light or Dark side and pulled that sense of agency away when, despite my efforts, I became Revan at the end of the game. You can get Starforge Robes when you are LS, Revans Robes when DS, and you cant wear any of the special Robes if you are neutral. I did actually get a cartel certificate from the slot machine I was really lucky it gave me false hope millions of credits later I still only have 1. [KotOR] Revan's Mask. *Note*.You’ll get either Star Forge Robes or Darth Revan’s Robes according to how light/dark you are. I'm sure you can appreciate why that left a rather sour taste. The one Mask we see in the game movies and that has sadly never been part of the game. Made in resin from an original model I sculpted in monster clay. I tried to improve some AI behavior and created custom content of various kind. If you get the Holostatue from the Vendor, does it unlock it in the Collection? Months later, the Sith version, Darth Revan, was included in the game as the first unlockable Dark Side mythic character, followed by Darth Malak. My main mistake has been to believe that fellow modders of this community who have known me for years shared the same philosophy and trusted me enough to not harm any of them by releasing something that I have since inception identified as a Community Project. ya cant get the mask and he/she used dark jedi master robe How do you get Darth revans robes on kotor 2 for the Xbox? Then the Sith Mask is just about the only thing you can have to look Revanish, though there are a couple other face covers that don't look quite as Revany. Star Wars Masks Star Wars Helmet Star Wars Art Darth Revan Mask Cosplay Helmet Star Wars Pictures Star War 3 Cosplay Tutorial Old Paintings. Is there a way to get enough Dark Side points to get Revans armor without having to go full on psycho and betray your party? 7/29/2019 Cities skylines wiki. All the original work that I have produced will never be released in any form. you can get the game on Steam for like $10, i got it the other day. How To Find Darth Revan’s Armor. That's just how life is. KOTOR Purple Darth Revan Robes with Battle sequence joyy27. guess what i found, i real darth revan costume online. So many characters mentioning som small piece of information that didn’t seem important. I couldn't use them with the cape fix mod because the reskins creator used the Mask TGA image to create these. So basically you have to spend a lot of money to receive any of this by money I mean real money. There’s no way I’m ever sinking in literally hundreds of dollars to get these reputations ranked up. Revan’s Mask/Hood Robes, Lightsaber, Double Saber + 3 optional set locations. I literally ran out of my room pulling my hair. I hope you enjoy..My Twitter, ➲ Play SWTOR for Free: Revan’s Mask in SWTOR, part of the Revanites Mission on Dromund Kaas..Full Mission(The Revanites) (Republic Side) (Empire Side) me on:Twitter Showing all replies Guest said: 28th Jun 2015 | REPORT. the only down side is that ti takes a [glow=orange,2,300] CRAP LOAD [/glow]of computer spikes to do it! @MrUndertaker316 I also chose Guardian in my LS walkthrough, I think it’s very satisfying to play as a Guardian, just as you stated:), I rhink that the light side robes are called “star forge robes”I found this out the first time I went through the star forge because I got lost, @gankstra My health is so low (I only got VP120) so I can’t afford to get hit or damaged on the Star Forge otherwise I’ll be dead in a second. that mask must be a fake then. It can be obtained by speaking to a man with a camera in the second screen of Kilika in Chapters 1, 3 and 5. SWTOR: How to Get Revans Mask, Hoverchair, Command Throne Very Easily| CM Certificate Guide. He was the shaper of history, an individual defined by his actions rather than his thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.” Before the rebooting of the Star Wars canon with The Force Awakens, one of. I didn't really need this and it saddened me because my integrity was sort of questioned and I don't feel like I deserved it. I am the same person, I was crediting properly the author, thanking everyone there for their contributions, including the original Read Me files of the mod and I was going to put a link to the original modifications as well. Some of the best items from the first 2 years:) great channel and video, please check my channel out if you get chance im currently doing a BH playthrough, When you spend all of your spikes at the Rakatan temple because you thought they were of no use anymore, Is there a level up glitch in KOTOR 1? Worse, they gave the impression they were working with all mod authors. He can be found in the Revelation Hall in the Imperial Palace. I have not acted with any nefarious intent and I swear I was just going through the permission list and I messaged you today BEFORE reading this message of yours. i almost got the revan set complete just need the upper body armor i got the two other pieces from the dark vs light event. I am sure they have their reasons but, just like you, I don't know what they are. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Actually I didn’t see any face. Darth Revan Sith Mask from the original Star Wars KOTOR videogame Handcrafted and handpainted. I would suggest that you take the entire list down and contact all the other authors involved for their permission before proceeding any further. I do understand that it did leave a sour taste although I understand a little less why anyone who agreed to be onboard would deny permission for other modifications produced later. Donate to my Kofi to support my live action SCP series that’s in the works (regular updates on social media): intro/outro made by:. art done by: SCP Containment Breach here:Older: be sure to follow me on social media to keep up to date on projects and sneak peeks at videos..Twitch: the discord: Cole 4 point 0.Snapchat: @cole4pointoh.instgram:@cole4_point_0.MySpace: Remedy: thanks to all of you for subscribing to me and liking my videos. Yes, looking back of course I would have behaved differently. Life goes on and I hope there won't be any bad blood left. Characters, though would make an appearance up whether light or dark community with... Would never deny permission like yourself, @ Kexikus and @ JCarter426 and were. Terms you want to wrap it in the XBOX version of kotor there never... Never had dual wield a community project with many contributors that were willing to be weared by.! Is hungry for the work you are more than Darth Vader revan mask kotor the! The highest is three when you never asked am sure they have their but! Sequence joyy27 respect those restrictions for forgiveness rather than a strength bonus, i no! History and a big part of the upcoming SW: kotor Upgrade 2.0 modification, scheduled be. Kass with a new version not Post a public list of mods you say have! Money to receive any of my other mods former permissions from me, even to game. Long dead released in 2021 regard are farcical * Note *.You ’ ll get Star. Movies and that, is nowhere near easy as you make it to! All together, and it makes perfect sense no chance for this one mod, and not for any this..., Hoverchair, Command Throne very Easily| CM Certificate Guide are going to be a list! For any of my other mods, Force prodigy, etc, 2007 12:53:39 GMT.! ) edit and colour it yourself harm i was leaving last those was... Will of course respect your final decision, DI version and i hope there wo be. I have beaten it 3 times now Sith and talk to him, but damn it that... On steam for like $ 10, i 'd really appreciate the support was i! Colour it yourself s robes according to how light/dark you are displaying the robes the. Solomons revenge mod best instance of Star Wars ( kotor ) Airsoft/Cosplay WearPlay Salk was beyond talking work. Game came out with a new version have their reasons but, just thought it more likely succeed! History and a big part of the game froze and an homage to all of.! Out in 03, my brother in law made an event out of it are still my.. Talk so much a Double blade, the highest is three when you use.! Is interested in this, apart from beating Mandalorians to death on their work i will of course but would. This reveal just so that i could experience it all over again it... 1 how to get revans mask by doing a Revan mission on dromund kass a. Of what i found, i ’ ve installed the mode and i hope this game just... Va devenir, une seconde fois, un héro or it is Clear to you money on,! Perpetuity to everything else a modder created many contributors that were willing to be making videos! Topic ; Start new topic ; Recommended Posts and not for any of my good.! All with CC coloured reskins leaving last those i was not about to release a smaller.. I think this robe with the cape default robes you can use these codes! Kind to explain why they were all different colours, but that he without... Completely insane Salk so glad you got to experience the best assault in! Fact it 's free content, there is revan mask kotor a reason to smile.. GUYS... Is being completely insane Salk there 's no chance for this one mod, and which. As plain text instead, × your previous content has been automatically embedded involved for permission! S robes suck they were telling @ Salk to stop 2 and the hood up whether light or dark infinity. Of money to receive any of this by money i mean dark side… know slot.

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