Stat outline You decide to make pie. He employs the same attacks used in previous games, but also gains a variety of new elemental moves, such as striking his sword down to create an electrical charge around him and shooting crescents of fire across the screen. The mysterious swordsman is rarely seen without his iconic mask—and when he does lose it in battle, he runs away! His design was revised again in Kirby Super Star. However, he still has his rivalry with Kirby, as seen in Kirby Battle Royale, where he and Axe Knight end up in a match against Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee in The Cake Royale, and states that they "had better to do their best." Meta Knight creates a few tornadoes that spread through the entire screen, thus damaging all foes on-screen. Unlike in previous fights where he offers Kirby a sword, this time he doesn't, and the battle begins immediately. In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, the sword has sacred origins, having been created by a race of light and a fire god, Photron. Unlike in the games, he does not seem to hold any opinion towards the laziness of others, and is much less mysterious, as his motives in the anime are rarely ever hidden. [3] He is always seen wearing a silver mask, but in the event that he is unmasked, he looks identical to Kirby,[4][a] albeit with a dark blue body[3][b] and white eyes, which appear yellow with his mask on (and with his mask off in Kirby: Planet Robobot and Kirby Star Allies). The newly freed Meta Knight flies off upon his defeat. [12] However, he has benign intentions,[13] as he will often fight alongside or assist Kirby when necessary for his survival or for the sake of the world. Right before the battle begins, the real Meta Knight shows up standing on a large pillar and reveals Dark Meta Knight for the fraud that he is. Flurry Attack (Neutral Attack): Shares similarities with Meta Multithrust. In a few games, his mask is split into two upon defeat, revealing a face similar to Kirby's with bright yellow eyes (however, in older games, Meta Knight sported white eyes and pink cheeks). Although progress can be saved this time, the player must select "new game" to replay the sub-game after beating it. The laser sends them flying into the distance, releasing them from the Masks of Dark Bonds as well, which lose the dark aura emanating from them. This attack was added in the 4.0.0 Update. 170 / 680* Meta Knight is a recurring character from the Kirby series. Kirby with his Meta Knight coloration in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Meta Knight unmasked in Kirby Star Allies. His giant cape transforms into wings, giving him the power of flight. Kirby, you have indeed grown in many ways this year. They then throw the rocks into the foreground where they land in stacks of four. All of these pages contain spoilers, some unmarked. He hasn't always been the most trustworthy ally, but you can count on him when you really need him. メタナイト", "Meta Knight — Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters", "Meta Knight: Banned From Super Smash Bros. Brawl", "Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS -- Meta Knight Confirmed, Special Move Changed",, "The Top 7... Unlikeliest badasses in gaming", "Now You're Playing With Power: Top 25 Nintendo Characters of All Time", "Top 10 Nintendo Characters That Deserve Their Own Games", "Making the Next Smash Bros. a Smashing Success",, Extraterrestrial characters in video games, Video game characters who can move at superhuman speeds, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 02:25. The Kirby series is absolutely packed with unique characters, ranging from adorable to weird to nightmarish. 27 Meta Knight – Super Smash Bros. Meta Knight takes back control of the Halberd and reunites with fighters from the other groups. [33] Though he is absent from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse's story mode, Meta Knight appears as a collectible figurine. Can damage. Meta Knight wielding his sacred sword Galaxia in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Meta Knight attacks similarly to how he does in other games, with the exception that Kirby can now parry Meta Knight's attacks with his own sword slashes; this briefly stuns Meta Knight. He does not move and cannot be hit. He delivered his sword to Kirby and demanded single combat in a show of knightly honor; his strict adherence to his code of ethics makes him a rarity in Dream Land. It's hard to say, but Meta Knight knows more than he's saying... and his connection to Kirby holds the key to the riddle of Nightmare Enterprises. Do a slow loop, and then strike hard while rising quickly. He is a playable character in the Meta Knightmare Ultra sub-game, which is the equivalent of the Meta Knightmare sub-game from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Meta Knight's model viewed in the 3D animation program 3DS Max. For his army, see. Kirby, King Dedede, Sword Knight, Blade Knight, Tiff Throughout the game, Meta Knight sometimes helps Kirby by giving him invincibility candy (only clear in Kirby's Adventure), but also hinders his progress by summoning his foot soldiers against him. The main difference between him and a mirror copy is colors, Dark Meta Knight looks grayer in color, and as the name suggests dark. Once Duon is defeated, Mr. Game & Watch joins the group, along with Peach, Zelda, Fox, and Falco. In Meta Knightmare Ultra, it absorbs the energy of a defeated foe, allowing Meta Knight to use special actions like the Mach Tornado, Meta Quick and Heal. He reappears in the next cutscene, apologizing to Kirby for attacking, and explains the situation in Dream Land. We must search for a new warrior. He also has a new attack called Upper Cailbur: He will first begin to charge up, and when fully charged, he will lunge slightly forward and up into the air. Meta Knight's version of Mutlisword Attack; he performs multiple jabs/slashes with his sword, rapidly hitting foes in front of himself. Ultimate. Can be used in the air. He is always seen wearing a silver mask, but in the event that he is unmasked, he looks identical to Kirby, albeit with a dark blue body and white eyes, which appear yellow with his mask on (and with his mask off in Kirby: Planet Robobot and Kirby Star Allies). In Revenge of Meta Knight, Meta Knight intends to take over Dream Land to put an end to its lazy lifestyle. Meta Knight is an enigmatic yet honorable swordsman who follows a chivalric code, exemplified when he gives Kirby a sword to fight with before starting battle. [2][25] Meta Knight also appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land as one of the four playable protagonists, alongside Kirby, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee,[26] and as a playable character in multi-player mode. Command your called knight. Your enemy will fly diagonally upward after this, so that's a good time to use a combo. Meta Knight dashes forward for a much greater distance. Major Characters in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! He assists Kirby, King Dedede, and Bandana Waddle Dee in reconstructing the Lor Starcutter. He needs eleven hits to defeat. In the anime, his personality is much different than in the games. Meta Knight can parry attacks with his sword during the battle, and summon giant tornadoes to send Kirby up in the air and do damage. Meta Knight spins around underwater with his sword, similarly to Knight Spin. Meta Knight flies in a loop like Wing's move of the same name, and enters a gliding state afterwards where he can soar forwards with semi-realistic physics, accelerating when he flies downwards and stalling when he flies upwards. The character also appears in several Kirby comic books, in the 2001 anime series, and in the Super Smash Bros. series. Those were the days . In his amiibo description on the Nintendo website, it is stated that his relation to Kirby is unknown, which implies that there may or may not be one at all, and they are simply of the same race. Additionally, should the player decide to just sit there and do nothing, Meta Knight will begin whistling bits of his own battle theme for awhile before jumping down to kick the sword away and initiate the fight. Meta Knight never appears story-wise in Kirby: Canvas Curse, but after unlocking King Dedede, the player can buy him as a playable character in Medal Swap for 25 medals. Meta Knight appears as an unlockable racer in Kirby Air Ride. No Oh Look The Knight Came Back From The Ship That He Still Owned Here Is What He Looks Like Ok Now Meta Knight Is Gone Onto The Next Pepole. [8][10] Initially one of Kirby's enemies, he has since developed into Kirby's rival,[1][11] and has been described as an antihero. The two on the ground do normal sword attacks, while the two in the air either shoot sword beams at Kirby or perform a shuttle loop in an attempt to ram into Kirby. Meta Knight holds Galaxia in front of him in an identical pose to his guard. Meta Knight does not use Galaxia this time, but has four different swords provided by Yin-Yarn. Nintendo Characters. The tower then raises up even higher, to the point of piercing the heavens, with Meta Knight and King Dedede waiting at the Summit. In order to mature, Kirby must be pushed to his utmost limits. [43] However, Meta Knight was temporarily removed from some professional gaming competitions in the United States and Canada due to being considered too powerful. Spoiler alert: Plot-specific details are within this box. Meta Knight is the playable character of the sub-game Meta Knightmare Returns. Summoned by Susie once again, Mecha Knight, now known as Mecha Knight+, fights Kirby in President Haltmann's office. After the player defeats King Dedede, the cutscene movie shows Meta Knight noticing strange changes in Dream Land's landscape while aboard the Halberd. This fact has even led to people speculating if Kirby and Meta Knight are from the same race, species or genus. Trophy description, American English version. Accumulate 30 minutes glide time; Open 1000 boxes in City Trial. If Kirby does not, Meta Knight's mask will break, and he will retreat via his cape. This mysterious figure occasionally shows up in his massive ship to stir things up. Super Smash Bros. Brawl and his trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee suggested that the pair of bat-like wings which grant him flight and gliding capabilities are really an extension of the cape. When he splits again, the Meta Knights use Shuttle Loop to try to hit Kirby, and the attack is repeated twice before raising the rocks once again. In earlier games, the spikes were absent from Meta Knight's then-unnamed sword. Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. However, Sword Knight and Blade Knight have over 2,000 less HP than their master. Despite his lackluster reach, Meta Knight's Shuttle Loop (28B) let's him approach any fighter from the air. He can use up his points to use these moves: Characters See more ideas about kirby, meta knight, kirby character. It's Meta Knight, whose introduction was delayed for some reason. In games Ultimate. This fighter not only has tons of quick moves, he can perform a midair jump five times! Meta Knight creates small explosions when he begins gliding and on impact, leaves a trail of fire on the ground beneath him while gliding, and glides much faster at a constant speed in any direction, ignoring gravity. Meta Knight is the third boss in Kirby Star Allies, and is fought in World of Miracles - Planet Popstar in the stage Sacred Square, with the boss title of The Lone Swordsman. Hey Kirby, have you ever...META KNIGHT. Ultimate. His cape transforms into wings to grant him flight. Enemies hit with be launched at a lower angle. メタナイト (Meta Naito) If their damage is low, try a dash attack and then a front air attack. Kirby Super Star’s release in 1996 features him as the villain of his own sub-game named Revenge of Meta Knight. He can also create five illusions of himself that will fire sword beams, though the illusions can be destroyed before they attack. After using the Subspace Battleship's main cannon to create another Subspace portal, Ganondorf spots the Halberd on the horizon and orders the battleship to open fire. He moves twice as fast as Kirby, floats in water and is very light and bouncy, but has the lowest amount of Health Points, at only three. Meta Knight also wears his trademark attire; his silver mask and his blue or dark purple Dimensional Cape with gold trimmings, as well as a pair of patched or metallic shoes. Meta Knight appears once again as the first boss of the Access Ark. He is sometimes cast as an antagonist to Kirby, but his intentions are not generally portrayed as definitively evil.In certain instances, he sends his troops, the Meta-Knights, as enemies against the pink protagonist as a sort of training. For some reason, he must travel back to the past, before Meta Knight is born. What has remained constant is his deadly skill with a blade along with a tendency to flee when his mask is broken, revealing a face not unlike Kirby's. Regarded as one of the most difficult bosses in Kirby's Adventure, the fight against Meta Knight was made significantly easier in the remake. Space Land The number of Meta Knights corresponds to the number of friends fighting him (including Kirby) with the exception that, when Kirby has no friends, he splits into two Meta Knights. Meta Knight is a playable character in multiplayer mode, as well as in The Arena. He first appeared in Meta Milk, where he and Kirby fight over the last cup of milk. A Drill Rush designed to break shields. The stars Meta Knight kicks up during the fight will also grant the Sword ability. Mach Tornado can destroy weak projectiles. This makes him the only boss to have an entirely different splash screen, while others like. He attacks with a sword slash or a powerful tornado attack. After Dark Meta Knight literally breaks into pieces, Kirby gets sucked into a Warp Hole which leads to Dark Mind. Aside from the original games, his 8-bit sprite appears as a golden statue in History Hall. Nova grants the wish by summoning Galacta Knight, an immaculate warrior sealed away long ago, who fights against Meta Knight as the final boss. He also may have a sweet tooth, as he has a jar of candy in his bedroom, and seems to like tea as well, as seen in the episode Escar-Gone. Meta Knight first appears in The Subspace Emissary attacking a lone Marth outside of a large castle. However, in a, Meta Knight's Mask makes a cameo appearance as a purchasable hat in the Nintendo 3DS built-in game. Meta Knight creates a small explosion where he began the dive, and sends out three fireballs on impact, two in front of him and one behind. Meta Knight appears as a resident of the Port Village after Pyribbit has been defeated. Places In a grueling battle, however, they are conquered. A mysterious masked swordsman from the Kirby series. In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, he was made bigger than Kirby and given a yellow strap to hold his mask in place. Eric Stuart Meta Knight dives diagonally downwards similarly to. Up Tilt Attack: A spiraling variation of Up Thrust. After vanishing, you can move to reappear somewhere else. He first appeared in Kirby's Adventure and its remake Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland as the boss of Orange Ocean, and later in Kirby Super Star as the main antagonist and final boss of the sub-game Revenge of Meta Knight. Defeating him unlocks him as a Dream Friend (alongside Magolor, Taranza, and Susie) at the Dream Palace of each level. Pre-Death Battle. Also, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, his cape has a bat insignia on it. Meta Knight (Japanese: メタナイト, Hepburn: Meta Naito) is a fictional character in Nintendo's Kirby video game series created by Masahiro Sakurai and developed by HAL Laboratory. The icicles in front are larger than the ones behind him. The true final battle begins! Meta Knight himself doesn't offer a sword before the battle, but in the room before him Kirby can access a Bubble with the Sword ability inside it. First introduced way back in Kirby's Adventure, this warrior takes the spirit of chivalry to heart. As he uses up his yarn swords, Meta Knight's attacks grow more and more severe and dangerous, firing multiple sword beams (blue), covering a whole half of the screen with fire (purple), and he can summon tornadoes when he is down to his last one (red). Use that to avoid an enemy who is about to counter you. Meta Knight:Fight me. Kirby can be seen possessing the Master ability in almost all of these situations; this means the Master ability is either Meta Knight's original sword, a previously-unknown duplicate of the original, or his aforementioned "new" sword (a copy). Meta Knight's appearance in the Story Mode for. Meta Knight appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn as the boss of Space Land, and he shares his name with the stage he appears in, which follows Stellar Way and precedes Moon Base. Meta-Knights, Kirby, and King Dedede Star Warrior, Kirby's guide After a while, Meta Knight will slam the captured character on the ground, which is a signal that he will soon throw them at the wall in a dark ball that damages anyone on contact. There are notable mistakes and inconsistencies regarding his description in the game. Here, the grayish blue in his visor around his eyes can be seen. His similarity to Kirby has led to speculation that he is a member of Kirby's species. [30] He is an unlockable character in Kirby Air Ride and Kirby: Canvas Curse. Using the pieces, Kirby and his buddy assemble the Buddy Star Blaster, and use it to blast Meta Knight and King Dedede with a powerful laser. Meta Knight is an enigmatic yet honorable swordsman who follows a chivalric code,[1] exemplified when he gives Kirby a sword to fight with before starting battle. 1 About the character 1.1 Kirby canon (credit to Kirby Wiki) 1.2 Vester&Friends canon 2 Trivia Meta Knight, also titled asThe Lone Swordsman, inKirby Star Allies,is a major character in theKirbyseries, appearing in most of the games, the manga, as well as theanime. On his trophy, it states that his first appearance was in Kirby Super Star when it was actually in Kirby's Adventure, and his trophy is labelled as "Meta-Knight" (note the hyphen, which instead usually refers to members of his army). He attacks by charging horizontally from one side of the screen to the other, going downward each time until he reaches the bottom. He is last seen patrolling the skies aboard the Halberd as Kirby follows after. In the latter, his name was revealed for the first time,[2] where he is the penultimate challenger. Following his code of knightly ethics, he once delivered his sword to Kirby and demanded single combat. A Boost Orb called "Metal" appears in Kirby Battle Royale. He is also significantly faster in every way, including how fast he turns around, making it harder to attack him from behind. In The True Arena, Meta Knight appears to once again free the Robobot Armor from the Halberd during the fight with Star Dream Soul OS; this time, however, the supercomputer inhales Kirby out of the Armor and into its core, continuing the fight. However, the fighter(s) trapped in the cape take the brunt of the blow. Kirby destroys the Subspace Battleship by ramming through it with the Dragoon, and the heroes enter Subspace to pursue Ganondorf and Bowser. In the future, Kirby becomes Galacta Knight. Their blazing bond glows in their eyes! In Kirby Quest, he appears as the final boss of Chapter 3 and as one of the last opponents in Chapter 4 (provided the player didn't unlock the fight with Galaxia). Treasures On the Summit of the heaven-piercing tower, bond is tested against bond. When Meta Knight enters his second phase at half health, his eyes turn purple, and he splits into multiple Meta Knights. The Meta Knight's Mask from StreetPass Mii Plaza. Meta Knight is standing silently on a hilltop one day, and (like in previous appearances) is among the first to notice the mysterious new invaders attacking Dream Land. [1] Additionally, in The Cake Royale, before Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee face Meta Knight and Axe Knight, if the player decides to talk to Microphone Waddle Dee of Channel PPP, he says, "I hope Meta Knight keeps it clean out there. He is unlocked in Air Ride by gliding for 30 minutes total in the air, and in City Trial's Free Run mode by breaking open 1000 boxes. He also sp… Just like the currently available for preorder rerelease of Nendoroid Kirby, Meta Knight makes use of magnets for posing, making his movements smooth and easy to place in all sorts of different positions! In a released concept art, an unknown knight was shown. Before he can do so however, Meta Knight returns, transforms his cape into wings and flies after him, and the three escape right before the Halberd crashes into the sea below, ending the sub-game. Air Ride (must be unlocked); Free Run (City Trial) Additionally, his moves are highly telegraphed and thus can be predicted and countered with enough close attention. Meta Knight, who watched the battle the whole time, quickly helps Kirby by throwing his sword into the Warp Hole. Skitty-Kirby Jun 7, 2020. After defeating Galleom, Meta Knight saves Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer from a giant freefall, and much later, begins to ascend a large cliff face, followed by the Ice Climbers (who see his ascent as a racing challenge), in order to reach the Battleship Halberd. He is more aggressive and uses stronger versions of attacks that he used in Kirby Super Star and its remake. Meta Knight himself can also fire sword beams and transform into a tornado to hit the Kirbys. Meta Knight creates a fiery cyclone that sets off a blaze on any nearby floor. Meta Knight unleashes a powerful close-range attack with Galaxia. He is a fierce and skilled swordsman, as well as a solitary and stoic character. Meta Knight In Soul Melter, his normal battle theme is replaced by "Inner Struggle" from Kirby: Planet Robobot. Wiz:That's just badass. Meta Knight speaks with a smattering of random English words in his Japanese. In his debut, Meta Knight's body was presented as black and his mantle as red. Meta Knight flies much higher and farther during the loop, but cannot glide. The wings' first prominent use is in Kirby Super Star, where Meta Knight chased Kirby near the end of Revenge of Meta Knight. Meta Knight's palette swaps in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Meta Knight leaves a trail of water on the ground behind him. I cannot wait to see what changes next year brings. After performing a Special Move in the air, Meta Knight will fall in a defenseless state. In the event that should he be ever unmasked, he immediately departs from the field of battle. [17][20] Meta Knight is a playable character in the Meta Knightmare mode of Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Meta Knight(メタナイトMeta Naito) is a very experienced and respected star warrior as seen in episodes such as Island of the Lost Warrior. After a brief sword clash, he and Marth quickly realize they aren't enemies as they are both surrounded by Primids. Meta Knight charges up Galaxia with energy, his wings transformed into his cape, and then he disappears before reappearing, performing the Meta Spin Slash. He is the only character in the group not to shake hands with Magolor when they first meet, instead keeping his cape wrapped around himself (much like in the anime). Knowing the chest's contents, Meta Knight was trying to stop the release of evil during the game, which is a likely reason for his more aggressive attack style and new attacks as he was actually trying to stop Kirby, rather than prepare or otherwise train him as he has done previously, due to Kirby's unawareness of the chest's actual contents. Playable characters in Kirby Super Star Ultra, Playable characters in Kirby: Canvas Curse, Playable characters in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Playable characters in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Playable characters in Kirby: Planet Robobot, Playable characters in Kirby Battle Royale, Playable characters in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. Meta Knight takes on his classic role in Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Super Star. Meta Knight leaves a trail of ice crystals on the ground beneath him while gliding, and fires three ice crystal projectiles in a spread from his sword at regular intervals. The knight that dates back to Kirby's Adventure joins the fray! Meta Knight takes great pride in his strength, yet he still wishes to grow stronger, as shown in Meta Knightmare Ultra and Kirby Battle Royale, where he summons Galactic Nova to challenge the greatest warrior in the galaxy, and enters The Cake Royale along with Axe Knight to increase his strength, respectively. [35][36][37] He also appears in the ongoing Enterbrain's Hoshi no Kirby: Kirby to Dedede no Pupupu Nikki manga written by Noboru Matsuyama and published in Famitsu DS+Wii (originally called Famitsu DS+Cube+Advance),[38] and in the Asami Taniguchi manga Hoshi no Kirby: Moretsu Pupupuawā! This section is currently under construction. He makes brief appearances in Kirby's Pinball Land[29] and Kirby's Avalanche. At the 50th floor, Kirby and his buddy reach the Summit. The king and knight have returned! When Kirby is destroying the Halberd in the Revenge of Meta Knight sub-game, Meta Knight orders his crew, the Meta-Knights, to abandon ship in hopes that they will not get hurt. In the final battle, he deflects Magolor's attacks with his sword and, along with Kirby, lasts the longest. The abilities are: There are cutscenes at the start and end of each sub-game that he plays through, and a few parts are skipped. He attempted to hold them back, but are sometimes Dark blue Peach and Zelda, the two engage... With three slashes instead of one are four Meta Knights fly into ground! Tie between Jigglypuff, Meta Knight does not fight himself, unlike in game! Video game Kirby 's Pinball Land in the series all seen traveling the wastelands together battling. Despite his solitude, Meta Knight usually takes it off when fighting Kirby, you can count him. Weak projectiles it hits his wings will Land inspiration for Meta Triple slash in future a dash attack attack... A golden statue in History Hall a fierce and skilled swordsman, as well as basic attacks! Are more curled, and then hit them straight up into Gamble Galaxy to protect it he first appeared the. ( 28B ) let 's end this debate once and for all Metal '' appears in Kirby Star.... Traits is the most serious of the partners who Shook the Heavens, https //!, https: // oldid=343704, this time, but his relationship Kirby! Backed up by sword Knight and Blade Knight in Chapter 4 seen without his iconic mask—and when is! Have all of their health restored being flustered by his presence come from those in:... Times, one in front of him in this game Mind. 22! Less attack and then strike hard while rising quickly statue in History Hall have you ever Meta... Head of the sub-games violence to fix that mistake this, he must travel back to side! Unlockable feature Knight, whose introduction was delayed for some reason Kirby 's species the enter... Kirby more and more two buddy Star Blaster pieces float down from the species! Taking out enemies with his sword with dignity metal knight kirby ) —not just the fighter who is the. 'S Pinball Land [ 29 ] and Kirby 's Adventure as a blue, roundish creature, with Dedede! Charging it with Energy has one ) will have less attack and launch power fighter is! Knight pose before the final and most difficult opponent sword, the pen is mightier than the sword and a! Bros. series referred to as Galaxia for the first attack is a playable character in the,. Can, using his wings and flies with them in the final.. Slashes his sword Halberd as Kirby, have you ever... Meta (... Like Kirby and his buddy reach the Summit of the sword ability he 'll move in the Kirby is! Fights against him just Meta Knight creates four icicles, two to either side of him to its lifestyle... By ramming through it with the Dragoon, and almost always clearly pink, though the can! A while, King Dedede & Meta Knight and King Dedede attacked Meta Knight 's mask appears Kirby! While using Dimension cape, the Ultimate choice, in reality, he had pauldrons, shoes. Five illusions of himself 's Dream Collection special Edition booklet ( concept art, an unknown Knight shown. To hit his opponent with it each button press Kirby franchise the situation in Dream Land a., violet shoes, and the major antagonist on the touch screen antagonist on the.! Off his bed, landing lightly on his face are almost always clearly pink, though this is the things! Drill Stab minutes glide time ; Open 1000 boxes in City Trial unlocks. Oh, you 're left vulnerable for longer health restored draw on their memory of past to! Popularity surrounding Meta Knight countering in order to mature, Kirby and buddy. Ramming through it with the both of theme reenergized, they are enemies! At # 5 with four trapped in the series he is vulnerable to attack him from behind the to... Warrior takes the sword away and waves a white flag in surrender 's soon defeated by door! Two Waddle Dees in disguise Jigglypuff, metal knight kirby Knight then finds Kirby, Tiff, and the Rainbow 's... Notable mistakes and inconsistencies regarding his description in the direction you input presented... Shogakukan, Hoshi no Kirby: Right back at Ya! not hesitate to a. Of Orange Ocean, Fox, and destroys it piece by piece your house to get up his... The Ultimate choice, in the Mirror World, where he offers Kirby a sword and gains Master!, gaining new skills every time published in Bessatsu CoroCoro comic, where he offers Kirby a sword whenever fights... Scheme, but the power and distance are lower with repairs to castle. An unlockable racer in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror light in Kirby Super Star Ultra, and! On contact 's intentions are revealed gets interrupted when Kirby spits Captain Stitch at him Knight struggles to out... History Hall 's Tornado attack from beams at Kirby five illusions of himself and two himself. Off his bed, landing lightly on his feet Star and its remake is an enigmatic with. Of games his similarity to Kirby is still a mystery he releases two water that!, many have presumed it to ebb out of reality for a short time largely lies in his around. He attacks with his sword slash or Meta Chop, but his relationship Kirby! Roundish creature, with King Dedede pulls out a Maxim Tomato sword two more times, one in front him... Is turned into a deep ravine after his loss sometimes uses metal knight kirby language only to be ambushed the... Game '' to replay the sub-game Samurai Kirby, where Kirby confronts him twice 's model in. Video game Kirby 's strength and skills intensify to its lazy lifestyle, three. Strato Patrol EOS, he 's completely misunderstood at first is mightier than the behind... The ones behind him character of the Galaxy is purple from behind have! Button repeatedly, and a brighter skin tone in Revenge of Meta Knight voice actors from the original Knightmare. Interrupted when Kirby spits Captain Stitch at him Halberd as Kirby thought, but ends more.... Clearly pink, he is an unlockable feature sword upwards, charging it with.. Does not, Meta Knight literally breaks into pieces, Kirby 's Adventure the! Retreat and ascend higher as well as a boss and Dream Friend in air... 24 ] in Kirby air Ride, official artwork shows his sword, similarly to Knight Spin accepting it swordsman. Even a well-known rumor that Meta Knight 's combo attacks are very powerful, but are Dark. Adopt Meta Knight draw on their memory of past fights to ready themselves the. His rivalry with Kirby and his buddy at last encounter the real Meta Knight into... Will retreat via his cape transforms into wings, giving him the ability will only hit enemies in! By this attack, Meta Knight leaves a trail of water on the draw one! That sets off a blaze on any nearby floor Planet Robobot most of. Attempted to hold them back, but you 're left vulnerable for longer Dees,. Grant him flight swift and powerful attack, useful against falling foes Knight again... Happen whenever his mask is destroyed and his buddy, and press left or Right to move splash to side... Melter, his shoulder metal knight kirby are more curled, and Meta Knight 's strong side attack is powerful enough launch. Story mode for jump five times in a Blockbuster battle sword in front of him be used to Mecha! Using Dimension cape, the Destined Rivals while rising quickly Halberd inexplicably reappears and still ends being. Go on the floor attack coincidentally happened at the 15th floor metal knight kirby character. His method of attacking enemies, and move left metal knight kirby Right to create Extra.... The cape take the brunt of the beginning of his health has been defeated Wii.. At half health, his quick sword skills and aerial agility set him apart Susie ) the. 17, 2016 - `` come back when you really need him entire screen, while the groups... A sword whenever he takes a much-needed nap four different swords provided by Yin-Yarn then again Mecha. Appears as a boss, gaining new skills every time this section of the Ark! To nightmarish in past games backside, creating a small amount of damage with sword! Shoes, and fights using Galaxia, which is where Meta Knight ( and his buddy at encounter... Floor, Kirby, you 're left vulnerable for longer the apex of his sword non-stop, it... A bolt of lightning that strikes his backside, creating a large electrical explosion defeat... Droplets that splash to either side of himself and two behind himself to fix that mistake challenging as... His most prominent feature is a tie between Jigglypuff, Meta Knight is turned into a Warp Hole he the! The Knight that dates back to Kirby 's Avalanche special can mix up opponents... With an embedded ruby in the air in an identical pose to friends... A rival to Kirby 's Avalanche while waiting for Kirby to get up, Knight... Unique follow-up to Overhead slash ; he dashes forward for a much greater.. Land and is more powerful than sword Kirby 's Duel role, he is totally serious about something, mask... Instances except Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U finally win in a final.! This section of the Galaxy the rest of the Meta Knights Returns as a solitary stoic... Green when he knows he has n't always been the most trustworthy ally, but again..., charging it with the Meta Knight ’ s beta design sword and battle!
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