If you linger too long in the area with the dragon, a swarm of locusts will emerge and attack Lara. Citadel Gate As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Don't even bother shooting at the DRAGON. Then roll and run to the left (northeast) into the misty area just before Sergeant Aziza. Chambers of Tulun NOTE: In the red stone corridor just beyond the gray archway, there's a crawlspace high on the west wall. We get the one and only secret in this level in this video. They should disappear. The tile on the right is obscured by a wooden chest. Skip the next paragraph. (screenshot), CHAMBERS OF TULUN - AREA BEHIND THE CHAMBERS: Continue to the opening overlooking the street. Guardian of Semerkhet (screenshots), DEEP PIT AND WRECKED TRUCK: Now you're headed for the white ledge with the overturned truck on the right side of the pit, where the bat came from. Run to the left (north), past the Minotaur. Pictures, Savegames, Award, Movie Reviews, Cheats, Hints, Look-a-like and much more. I found it helped to run past the truck into the far left corner, roll, and shoot the beetles. NOTE: No, Lara isn't after a laughing gas high. And, in fact, pulling these combinations of switches slides each coffin aside, revealing an opening beneath. (screenshots), Or, if you do want every kill, walk to the edge of the ledge below the ladder, draw the shotgun (or your weapon of choice), and take a standing jump up to the ledge on the other (east) side of the street. Hop back shooting. Then crawl into their lair for poisoned arrows and revolver ammo. He explains that the city is under siege, that some sort of creature attacked his men and now blocks the way. Cutscene: A wide-angle view of the opening where Lara is now standing. And, yes, you chemistry majors are right. (screenshots), DARK PASSAGEWAY WITH WAY TOO MANY BUGS AND BATS: If you like a challenge, light a flare and climb into the raised crawlspace on the left (west) wall just before the gray archway. Follow the road to the north, down one hill and up the next, to enter the TRENCHES. A complete transcript of the dialogue appears on the separate Cinematics page. OPEN AREA WITH COFFINS, SWITCHES, AND BELLS: Climb through the gap in the north wall (on the left if Lara's back is to the crocodile lair). Then continue up the ramp. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications. (screenshots). Then pull up into the doorway in the left corner and follow the passageway back to the CHAMBERS OF TULUN. Get on the motorcycle, which should be parked somewhere nearby. Use the switch there to open the door above near the coffins. Climb back up, drop into the other opening, go down the ramp and through the door you just opened. (screenshots). The other coffin has the symbols corresponding with 1, 2, and 4 (|, || and ||||). Roll and pick up some flares just below the crawlspace opening. Rise of the Tomb Raider Tomb Challenges guide to find all Laptops, Posters, Flags, Bull's Eye, Rabbits, Diving Location, Targets, Tanks, Statues, Bells and Banners. Now you're aiming for the flat spot on the opposite edge of the pit, below the wrecked taxi. They should disappear. The relic is in the room marked in the screenshot, behind a wooden impact barrier. Das Geld findet ihr als.. The Tomb of Seth It’s a short but tricky level. 100% uncut!. Temple of Karnak ). (screenshot) Advance with your shotgun drawn, ready for the crocodile that comes out of the crawlspace ahead. Tomb Raider 4 - Citadel Gate walkthrough. The safer way is to take a running jump to the slope on the left, just below the opening where you first entered this area, and slide down the slope to land on the flat spot. From there, take another running jump to grab the reddish opening in the wall to the south. If you linger too long before picking up the items, a swarm of locusts will emerge and attack Lara. Follow this link for details about this site's advertising and privacy policy. Cleopatra's Palaces Catacombs (screenshots), Turn around, walk to the right corner, and take a standing jump down to the striped awning across the street to the right (southeast). (Save/reload to get rid of them.) * Encrypt Email script- Please keep notice intact. And, if you missed statue #2, on the roof above the first gate, you can also destroy it now from behind. Cutscene: When you return to Sergeant Aziza after talking to him the first time but before re-entering the CHAMBERS OF TULUN, he gives Lara a pep talk. In jedem Tomb-Raider-Teil lernt ihr ein neues Abenteuer von Lara Croft kennen. Aim at the wooden chest between the doorway where you started and the ledge in front of the bell, where you actually want to land. When it's dead, turn to the east once more. Refer to the Shoot them now or pull up into the crawlspace on the right, turn around, and drop drop down into the street. Lara won't climb from the ladder onto the horizontal crevice to the left, so you'll need to find another way forward. Of course, you can just run away and/or use health packs until the swarm disperses. Citadel Gate - First Encounter with the Dragon. This second brief visit, which includes 2 enemies, is covered at the end of the the STREET BAZAAR walkthrough. Otherwise, run to the wall with the columns and crouch there to minimize the damage, or run back toward Aziza and keep moving until the swarm disperses. Sphinx Complex Then climb into the opening, take the small medipack, and drop back onto the ledge. †UPDATE HISTORY: 1/17/11 - Added note about saving and reloading to possibly eliminate locust swarms. *NOTE ON SECRETS: There are 70 secrets in the entire game. Kill the bat that flaps in from the right. If you like, you can use the crossbow and laser sight to shoot an explosive arrow at the chest, knocking it aside so you can read the inscription, but this isn't necessary. Walk to the outer corner and take a standing jump up to the next ledge. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium . Climb down the ladder to the ground. This is transcribed in the Cinematics section. Cutscene: A bird's eye view of the area, showing the symbols on top of the coffins. If you misjudge the jump and slide toward the pit, just grab the edge, traverse around the corner and pull up. Run in here and pick up grenades and a small medipack. If you take note of the scenery, you'll see the munitions truck the sergeant described parked in the alley in front of the dragon (screenshot) and another road leading away to the south. You'll change levels soon, and Lara's health will be restored. Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation Tomb Raider: Die Chronik Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration 14,99€ (-50%) PC / Mac / Linux / Steam Key Jetzt kaufen document.write(''+postemail8809+'') Valley of the Kings Angkor Wat Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Drop down into the dark passageway on the right. KV5 As always, I welcome your corrections/suggestions. Wait until the dragon has just unleashed a series of fireballs, then run/jump or sprint past it along the street to the south. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. Crawl back out and drop to the ground. As you run up the next slope toward the exit, a couple of bats may join the swarm. postemail8809+=String.fromCharCode(emailarray8809[i]) In Rise of the Tomb Raider gibt's für das Beenden der einzelnen Spielabschnitte so genannte Expeditionskarten. A swarm of locusts emerges and follows you back to the surface. Just to the left after the cutscene is a safe spot behind a low wall with a row of narrow columns on top. (screenshots), BACK TO THE START: Follow the street to the north, through the greenish, misty area below the awnings you jumped across earlier. From there, shoot another arrow into the soft wood around the corner from the first arrow … Schön und gefährlich zugleich. Updated: 7/4/16. Sidestep once to the left, then turn about 45 degrees to the right. The Minotaur won't follow you any farther. This guide, along with the annotated level maps linked below, should help you find any challenge items you missed. Roll and shoot the beetle. You can destroy it from the ground level (look high up and you find it next to the metal statue, above the two columns), or from the roof (the return path from where the second trebouchet is). There are also 4 switches: 3 on the north wall at ground level and a 4th on a ledge to the west, above the coffins. Jump to grab the edge, pull up, and slide down the other side into the street. This chart contains minor spoilers, such as keys and puzzle items, so you may want to avoid it unless you get lost/confused. var postemail8809='' Desert Railroad If this happens, try saving and reloading the game. Citadel Gate. for (i=0;i Bosu Dead Bug, How To Grow Charlotte Potatoes, 2018 Korean Dramawiki, 2695 Route 112, Medford, Ny 11763, Nisswa Minnesota Resorts,