In Trento, the Via Claudia Augusta divides into two routes. Traffic connections: the railway stations of Donauwörth, Augsburg, Landeck, Bolzano/Bozen, Trento, Venice-Mestre, Rovereto, Verona and Ostiglia are perfectly connected to the international train network; public transport runs parallel to the majority of the route; optimally connected to the European long-distance cycling route network Free parking in Donauwörth for the duration of your cycling tour Logistical support: bike shuttle across all passes; shuttle service to take you back from Italy to Germany on six days of the week (avoiding high traffic volumes on Saturdays) Route profile: on almost completely tarmacked cycling paths and quiet secondary roads; highest points: Fernpass (about 250 meters above Biberwier), Reschenpass (about 500 meters above Pfunds); cycling shuttles are available to take you up the passes, leaving only very few inclines for you to scale on your own. Apart from this cornucopia of landscapes, you will encounter lively towns, pretty villages, hundreds of historical sites, welcoming people and their fascinating cultures. I am looking for information on the route "Via Claudia Augusta." Die Etschradroute ist besonders bei moderaten Radfahren beliebt. The maps are in two versions: A4 portrait format - for printing and maybe also for viewing on an iPad, and A5 for smaller tablets and smart­phones. 17 donations. Im Folgenden sehen Sie unsere absolute Top-Auswahl der getesteten Via claudia augusta radweg fernpass, bei denen die Top-Position den oben genannten Favoriten ausmacht. Donate: Peter Robinson. In Trento, the Via Claudia Augusta divides into two routes. Von dort führt die Trasse durch den Vinschgau und über Alpenhauptkamm mit dem Reschenpass und Fernpass ins Lechtal … It offers the full breadth of products grown in the various regions. The Via Claudia Augusta is an ancient Roman road, which linked the valley of the Po River with Rhaetia (modern Southern Germany) across the Alps.. Via Claudia Augusta Part 1: From Reschensee Lake to Merano The 80 km long Val d'Adige/Etschtal Cycle Path (Etschradweg) leads along the Via Claudia Augusta, an … 55%. You then move towards Lentiai, leaving at your left the beautiful little church There are earlier depar­tures from Verona, and you can take a regional train from Venezia to Verona. Both have maps to help you find the Gepäck-aufbe­wahrung (left-luggage offices) in the two stations. The Via Claudia Augusta took us gently into the Alps and then down to Verona. Aber im Ernst ist es letztlich schwer einen absoluten Favoriten auszumachen. Via Claudia Augusta cycle tours, information, consulation, booking. So verband er Norditalien mit dem süddeutschen Raum über eine eigene Römerstraße. Some restaurants and inns along the way even serve dishes that may already have been popular during Roman times. Something challenging. You can ride over the causeway that leads to Venezia, and to the ferry terminal, or the Santa Lucia train station but that’s as far as you can go — you aren’t allowed to either ride or push your bike in the pedes­tri­anised zone. Links open in new windows unless you ‘save as’ etc. Cyclists get to marvel at a new landscape every twenty or thirty kilometers. Please check the ReadMe file for instruc­tions. Shuttles to and across the mountain passes, detailed description of the ‘Altinate’ cycling route, detailed description of the ‘Padana’ cycling route, History of the sections between the Reschenpass and Trento, History of the sections from Trento to Feltre and Altino, History of the sections from Trento to Verona and Ostiglia, FULL-SCREEN MAP to browse and plan your journey. There are surpris­ingly few visible remains of the old Roman road - there are a couple of short stretches of the old road that you can see in southern Germany. With the electro bike the tour will be a relaxed experience for unpractised bikers also. The road was intended to improve the passage through the Alps for military purposes and to increase Roman control over Rhaetia … The other major connection in Germany is with the D9 Romantische Straße (Romantic Road) cycle route which runs from Würtzburg to Füssen. To continue on the Via-Claudia-Augusta towards Bolzano, you first have to cycle zigzag through the city of Merano (see „Bicycle tracks in Merano“). The Via Claudia Augusta is an inter­na­tional cycle route that runs through southern Germany, Austria and Italy (with a brief section in Switzerland). Note: you can’t leave bikes overnight — the Bici Park closes at 19:00 and all bikes must be removed by 19:30. The first and most obvious problem is that bikes are banned from the historic centre of Venezia. Southern Tyrol, Adriatic 2021 – Romantic Italy, Category A. Es … alternativ nach Quarto d’Altino bei Venedig an der Adria führt. The Via Claudia Augusta is unusual in that there are 6 shuttle bus services provided to support the route. Does anybody have first hand experience traveling through the Alps, or even this particular route? For more detail on these options see: the The Via Claudia Augusta in Germany and Austria and the The Via Claudia Augusta in Italy. In summer, Venezia is a small place that gets hit by a daily tsunami of people. 8 Days/ 7 Nights, approx. Please get in touch if you find any errors in the information, or if there’s anything, good or bad, that you’d want other cyclists to know. Bolzano–Verona–Venice. either asphalt or rolled gravel. The classic among all cycle routes in South Tyrol starts in Reschen, at the northern tip of the famous Reschen reservoir and leads cyclists along the old Roman trade route, the Via Claudia Augusta, right into the heart of the beautiful Vinschgau. In Austria the major connection is with the Inn Radweg. The cities along the way included Augusta Vindelicorum (modern-day Augsburg), Feltria (modern-day Feltre), Tridentum (Trento), Verona, and the river port of Hostiliae (Ostiglia) on the Po. 8 Days/ 7 Nights, approx. The road begins near the german Donauwörth and runs along the original route of the ancient Roman road south towards Augsburg. I don’t know if they can store bikes (please let me know if you do know). Alternatively you can head south, skirting round the laguna di Venezia to connect with the river Po cycleway. In Germany the Via Claudia connects at Donauwörth with the Donau Radweg (Danube cycleway) which runs from Donaueschingen in Germany to Budapest (and beyond). The Via Claudia Augusta is an ancient trail that takes you from Germany to Italy via an epic Alpine crossing. Via Claudia Augusta. The route is generally very well signposted in both direc­tions. I did some research for famous bike routes around Europe (wasn’t too keen on going much further) and came across the Via Claudia Augusta – the first Roman road built specifically to cross the Alps as quickly, … The route has its own dedicated website (de/it/en)with inform­ation about accom­mod­ation and points of interest along the route as well as shuttle services to take you to the top of the major passes. 129%. You could also opt to turn off the route near Rovereto and head west to the Lago di Garda. We offer all-in-one packages for groups or individual bikers. The route is a story of three rivers. Over the course of the centuries the route became one of the most important trade and travel routes. There are regular trains between München (Munich) and the Donauwörth. Many people will be attracted to this route by the fact that it leads to Venezia. 19 donations. The Via Claudia Augusta ‘Altinate’ branch runs to Feltre and terminates in Altino near Venice; the Via Claudia Augusta ‘Padana’ branch runs to Verona and terminates in Ostiglia on the Po river. You can get further inform­ation, and download the price list, from the airport’s website: left-luggage.The price list gives the prices per day for storing bulky luggage and bikes, but doesn’t specify whether there is a maximum storage period. Cycling in Fuessen ★ With currently 657 cycle routes all around Fuessen there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. Via Claudia Augusta. With this road, the Romans had built the first suitable mountain road through the Fern Pass and the Reschen Pass. The timetables are available individually or packaged together: Alle Pass-Shuttle inkl. In Italy the official route offers the choice of riding to Altino which is close to Venezia or of riding south via Verona to Ostiglia on the Po. Campsites map:  VCA-FT-campsites-mapshow map in overlay    |  VCA-FT-campsites-map  show map in new window. Der 80 km lange Etschradweg verläuft entlang der antiken Römerstraße Via Claudia Augusta. To get the most out of this route you need to take the time for little detours off the route - even if it’s only to go for a swim. You can, of course, continue on from the end of the tour. The timetables are in German, English and Italian, and include the instruc­tions for booking a place by text message. Regional tourist inform­ation sites for Germany and Austria: Regional tourist inform­ation sites for Italy: There are also many local sites — see the individual sections of the guide for more inform­ation. It’s perfectly possible to ride the Via Claudia independ­ently: the route is well signposted, and online services such as make it really easy to book accom­mod­ation en route, but there are tour operators. The Via Claudia Augusta is considered the easiest way to cross the Alps on a touring bike. There’s a Bici Park (bike parking facility) near Mestre station bicycle park Mestre Venezia. The 80 km long Val d'Adige/Etschtal Cycle Path (Etschradweg) leads along the Via Claudia Augusta, an ancient Roman road. For luggage storage, there’s a Deposito Bagagli (Left Luggage office) at Venezia Mestre station and also at Venezia Santa Lucia. Today one of the most impressive, at the same time however, also the most comfortable Alps crossing. EuroVelo 9 Through the heart of Europe. Die Via Claudia Augusta ist ein rund 700 km langer Fernradweg, der vom bayrischen Donauwörth über die Alpen ins italienische Ostiglia am Po bzw. See the individual sections of this guide for more inform­ation. Possibly something on a bike? Proudly powered by WordPress    |  Some rights reserved: I acknowledge that the information I provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, (.zip file containing 4 track files and one file of waypoints), (.zip file containing 17 gpx track files plus waypoints), The Fahrradroute Pustertal (Pustertal cycleway), Getting around: trains, boats and ferries, Which roads? The ban on bikes reflects the huge problem of overcrowding. unter Kaiser Claudius von Altinum über den Reschenpass bis an die Donau erbaut. Route from OpenStreetMap. Ok. More information. 0%. With an estimated 30 million visitors a year, the situation has become so bad that there has even been discussion of using turnstiles to control access to the Piazza San Marco. There are plenty of campsites along the central part of the route through Austria and Italy’s Südtirol, but the further south you go the fewer there are - although there are lots around Venezia. The descent from the Fernpass is a mountain-bike track which is tricky at points and would be difficult if you are pulling a trailer or riding on a fully-loaded touring bike. Fairly easy. Zugleich ermöglicht der Weg eine Alpenüberquerung mit dem Fahrrad. Route: approximately 700 km from Donauwörth on the Bavarian Danube across the Alps to Altino near Venice or 650 km from Donauwörth to Ostiglia on the Po river. It also connects with other cycleways and routes which means that you have lots of options if you want to make the Via Claudia part of a longer journey. Tendieren würde ich zur Via Claudia Augusta. In Germany and Austria there is one single official route, while in Italy there are a number of variants (these are discussed in more detail in the Via Claudia Augusta in Italy). (A4 and A5 are inter­na­tional paper sizes). The cycling path from Trento to Verona is called The Sun Route. Trasbagagli is a private company offering luggage handling and storage services around the city (including at the airport and ferry terminal). Sign for the bike-shuttle over the Reschenpass (click on picture to enlarge). ... avoiding nasty surprises, The Via Claudia Augusta in Germany and Austria, Getting to and from the airport by train, bicycle park Mestre Venezia, La Via Claudia guided tour, La Via Claudia self-guided tour, The Via Claudia in Germany and Austria: Overview, Via Claudia Part 1: Donauwörth to Landsberg Am Lech, Via Claudia Part 2: Landsberg am Lech to Füssen, Via Claudia Part 4: Along the valley of the Inn, Via Claudia Part 7: Trento to the Lago di Caldonazzo, Via Claudia 8: San Cristoforo al Lago to Feltre via the Valsugana, Via Claudia Part 9: the Valsugana cycleway to Bassano del Grappa, Via Claudia Part 10: San Cristoforo al Lago to Feltre via the Passo Croce d’Aune, Via Claudia Part 12: Treviso to Altino (and Venezia), Via Claudia Part 13: Trento to Verona and Ostiglia. Bolzano–Verona–Venice. Until 2 AD it was the most important connection between the Adriatic and both the Po Valley and the western foothills of the Alps. In total 252 bike rides, 145 mountain biking trails, 44 long-distance mountain biking trails and 216 others are waiting to be explored. Click the photo below for a small slideshow of examples of signs from the German, Austrian and Italian sections of the route. If you have the choice then September is a better choice then July or August. The highest point on the route is 1504 metres so snow shouldn’t be a problem. Via Claudia Augusta is an antique Roman Road, leading from Donauwörth across the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. Much of the cycleway south from Bozen coincides with the Ciclopista del Sole (eurovelo 7) cycle route. Another option would be to take an ÖBB Railjet or Intercitybus via Udine to Villach, and change trains there - journey times are a little longer but not by very much, so they are worth consid­ering. A couple of milestones have been discovered along the Italian section of the road. The Via Claudia Augusta is an immense building of the Roman time. If you are planning to spend a few days in Venezia, the best option is to find accom­mod­ation in Mestre, or on one of the islands, that has somewhere to store your bike. But shortly before the railway station of Imst-Pitztal, the Claudia Augusta route branches off towards the Fernpass. Hopefully that won’t put you off the route altogether. Die Via Claudia Augusta gilt als leichtester Alpenübergang für Touren-Radfahrer. The Via Claudia Augusta is an inter­na­tional cycle route that runs through southern Germany, Austria and Italy (with a brief section in Switzerland). The Roman road linked the Donau (Danube) with the river Po and with the Adriatic coast near Venezia. The trail is mainly flat or downhill. Travel insurance; Packing list; COVID-19-info_EN Cycleway between Bozen (Bolzano) and Trento part of the Ciclopista del Sole and Via Claudia Augusta, Via Claudia Augusta - Sankt Valentin auf der Haide. The trail is mainly flat or downhill. You can download the timetables for the shuttles from the website (see the Resources section of this page). book now Detail Information Rates. The cities along the way included Augusta Vin… In total my trip is 550km and I am looking to complete it in 5 days. The variety of different landscapes along the Via Claudia Augusta and also the many options that it offers make this bike tour a unique adventure that you must experience for yourself! Experience the Germans’  second most popular international cycling route during a day trip or on a long-distance tour  over several days. Via Claudia Augusta, completed in 60 years, is an exemplary example of Roman construction and a masterpiece of ancient engineering. 28 donations. POPULAR VINSCHGAU CYCLE ROUTE. The Via Claudia Augusta took us gently into the Alps and then down to Verona. The Inn Radweg connects in turn with the München-Venezia cycle route, and so offers an altern­ative route into Italy, or an altern­ative route to München (Munich). The operators emphasise that it is not guarded, or monitored by CCTV. The cycle path through the Gurgltal valley is one of the more leisurely sections of the Via Claudia Augusta route. 355 or 387 kilometres in Italy (distance depends on which variant you choose). If you’ve found this site useful why not sign up to the mailing list for occasional updates about new routes. If you are using a tablet you may find it easier to download the individual sections. The page is in German, but you just need to look for the big PDF icon.
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